Are all comic book collectors hoarders, at least to a degree?

Do teachers look for ways to control mundane aspects of their life, because they can't control teenagers (I mean, really, I can try, but I can't make choices for a hormone-driven monster).

I'm cleaning out and reorganizing my classroom library--and doing the same to my home library, activities over which I have absolute control and which ease some of the anxiety teaching creates--which prompted the above questions.  Or, rather, these below thoughts piled one on top of the other until I felt like my mind was as cluttered as a hoarder's house.  And that's when I realized I might have a problem.

Did I really need the complete Frank Miller Daredevil, even though he didn't hit his stride until about a year into his run (shortly after he started writing and not just illustrating)?  I have plenty of villain of the week comics, and that's what his early run was.  But his later one: that's the mythos that every Daredevil comic aspires to add to.


Do I really need Grant Morrison's Action Comics Superman, when I have his All-Star Superman to keep me company? It started off well, but then it devolved into more Morrison meta-textual pretentiousness. 


Was I keeping DC Comics run of Chase from the late 1990s simply because it had some beginning JH Williams III art and a female protagonist?  Yes, I need more of those in my collection--notwithstanding my love of Queen and Country, a better take on a female government agent--but don't I need to be more discerning in the quality of writing? (Not that it's bad, just that it's not great.)


I could keep going on (and maybe I will in a later post), but you get the idea: I just wanted to throw some ideas out there that prompted my decision to be a collector, not a hoarder.  As fun as all these comics were, I didn't need to keep them, and that's the first step in any change.  

Do you have any similar stories?  Have you had to--as writers say--murder your darlings, tossing your hoarded goods to the side to save space for the pieces worthy of the collector you are?