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REBIRTH OF THE GANGSTER is about Marcus Thompson and Hunter Anderson facing long buried family secrets - including a rivalry stemming from theft and murder - as they, along with their families and friends, are drawn into a revenge scheme that could cost them everything, including their lives.


The Anderson and Thompson family share a dark past, but their sons Marcus and Hunter don't know it....yet.

As the past comes to light--including the answers to a decades-old murder--an intricate revenge scheme forms, involving one of six people belonging to, or affected by, the families. 

Marcus--a man struggling against the reins of his job and his family. Hunter--a man fighting for his mom's life and for revenge. Lorena--an old friend of Hunter's, now a cop, trying to balance her own life with the job. Andrea--Marcus's mom, missing her old life, one of secrets and action. Linda--Hunter's mom, dealing with cancer, addiction, and a past deal with the devil. Dennis--Hunter's friend, just out of prison, trying to put that life behind him. 

These six people, seeming strangers to each other, find themselves sucked into a revenge scheme that will take some of their lives and all of their innocence.

The Anderson and Thompson family saga continues, and the sins of yesterday just keep repeating themselves today.

Witness first-hand the return of blackmail, murder, addiction, ruined relationships, family drama, and revenge.

Hunter's plans for revenge continue as Marcus finds out the truth about a death in his family.

A truth that could lead to more blood being spilled.

The conclusion to the Thompson and Anderson family saga!

Reeling from a death in the family, Marcus is pulled into Hunter's plans to rob a bank for Marcus's family inheritance.

But Marcus has other plans.

B.A.E. WULF is a modern-day mashup of Beowulf and Lovecraftian horror, following disgraced reporter Brenda Amy Edmonton as she finds more than she bargained for on one of her investigations: a supernatural menace stemming from the ongoing war between humanity and the otherworldly Exiled Gods.

In this first graphic novel of the series, Brenda Amy Edmonton is a disgraced reporter who finds her world turned upside down when she investigates a wave of disappearances with ties to the occult. 

Before she knows it, Brenda (B.A.E.) ends up in the middle of an ancient war that might destroy the human race.

A ghostly killer haunts Chinatown, murdering innocent children. 

Brenda Amy Edmonton, suspecting a connection between this killer and the Exiled Gods she vowed to stop from invading Earth, is on the case. She must use all the skills she learned as a journalist to find out why this killer is targeting children and stop him. 

But the local cops, especially Detective Amy Hahn, bristle at Edmonton's interference, even suspecting that she is the real killer. Facing opposition from all angles, even her own self-doubt, Edmonton must solve the case before it's too late.

OUTSIDE THE PANELS is a collection of essays (many originally written for Graphic Policy) about CJ's history as a comics reader, comics teacher, and comic creator.

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